Monday, 30 August 2010

"i hate it when that happens"


  1. Your collages are a real inspiration. Thanks

  2. Beautiful collage work--so happy to have discovered your blog through Art Propelled! I love that you are making it a daily practice, as well.
    I am doing the same with a daily found text poem on one of my blogs
    MissouriBendPaperWorks, ( if you want to have a look! I'm following your blog now, so will look forward to your delightful collages! Thanks for creating them! Patti/MissouriBendStudio

  3. What a beautiful collages. I really like the combination of collage with printed and written text!

  4. annell: glad you enjoyed these small daily collages.
    missouribendpaperworks:i think the rigour of daily posting is actually quite inspiring (though sometimes daunting! and i try to post everyday...)
    cerulean: thanks for having a look. i enjoyed visiting your blog. the text is of equal importance in these small drawings, i can't imagine separating these two elements. i work in theatre and text is important there as well (
    and i also use visual imagery in my theatre work!)